Diane Jaquith has taught visual art at the elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. She is a co-founder of the Teaching for Artistic Behavior grassroots movement; co-author of Engaging Learners Through Artmaking: Choice-Based Art Education in the Classroom; and co-editor of The Learner Directed Classroom: Developing Creative Thinking Skills Through Art. She is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences on the topic of choice-based art education, and currently co-chairs the Cross-Division Research Committee for the National Art Education Association. In 2008, she was the recipient of the Teaching Excellence award from the NEA Foundation.


  1. Diane,

    I’m so glad you’re making these creative teaching and learning ideas more visible here. Thank you for sharing.

    We are renovating the Teaching & Learning website. Maybe we can show some of the student art here too?

    Ann KF

    • Student artwork would be a very nice addition to the Teaching & Learning site! Thanks, Ann!

  2. love the fact you are firing the kiln in April/May

  3. my kiln was out of sorts for a long time as well, now the students are enjoying their results!

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