Posted by: dbjaquith | March 27, 2016

Non Traditional Drawing


Oil pastels on red sandpaper

There is a group of students who draw incessantly (you know who they are). Each year as these artists stretch/explore with new drawing media and develop their craft, they discover new modes of expression. But… somewhere around mid-winter the drawings can get stale. Maybe its the lack of sunshine or fresh air or all too familiar company, but the work appears in need of a shake-up.


What did I do to encourage more experimentation with drawing media in 4th grade? Non-traditional drawing! Just as they have “non-traditional homework” from time-to-time, this challenge might just shake up their divergent thinking skills. Students were shocked at first but agreed to try the plan for a few weeks.  Now that they have these new techniques will they ever use them again?

NonTDrwg5These students are drawing on black paper – it’s what you do when the teacher takes away the white paper that you love so much. To their surprise, drawing on black paper is not all that different, other than it provides opportunities for certain special effects.



NonTDrwg1                                                     Other media included drawing on clear and colored acetate and then layering the pieces, cutting away parts to show different colors in the drawings. The boy to the left is drawing on a piece of clear film with Sharpies.  Below two students “discovered” that they can off-set drawing marks by placing paper on top of oil pastels and then drawing lines with pencil.


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