Posted by: dbjaquith | March 27, 2016

National Art Education Association Conference


About 60 of the hundreds of TAB art educators attending NAEA Chicago 2016.

Every year thousands of visual art educators convene for a national conference featuring best practices. Our TAB group is ever-present with sessions on choice-based art education and learner-directed practice. This year my session, “What Were You Thinking?” focused on Studio Habits of Mind and assessment. This time spent with TAB colleagues was most rewarding and provided us all with valuable affirmation that the child is, indeed, the artist!




  1. Thank you, I went to the NAEA site and got your handout! I am just starting to transform my elementary classroom towards TAB and have read your books and blog. Your work on “What were you thinking?” is very helpful. Do you teach the Studio Habits to your K5 and 1st graders as well? I am trying to satisfy my need to go Standards Referenced reporting with the NCCAS Standards and still offer as much choice as possible. I am so excited about this way of teaching! Thank you again!
    Stephen Willson
    American School of Brasilia
    Brasilia, Brazil

    • Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for your message. I use Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) with all grades but keep the language simple for younger students. Oftentimes I just use the terms when giving feedback, such as “I see that you really stretched by exploring this new kind of drawing media. How did you like it?” My older students are familiar with most of the SHoM now so many use them when talking about their work. I am glad to know that Choice is being offered in Brazil! Regards, Diane

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