Posted by: dbjaquith | February 15, 2016

February in the Creativity Studio



Contemplating next moves for the marble maze.

It has been a busy winter in art class! Everyone is highly engaged in their work and resulting work is phenomenal. Fourth and fifth graders are developing craft with their WOW (wonderful original work) art. Fifth graders were able to choose from needle felting, marble mazes, plaster sculpture, acrylic painting, and printmaking. Fourth graders had all the same choices except sewing in place of needle felting. Each student made a commitment to spend at least 4 classes with one specific art media to gain skills and understandings about the unique


Acrylic paints are more versatile than tempera paints.

properties of the media. Third graders continue to be intrigued by watercolor and some are practicing their techniques on large 140 lb. watercolor paper. First and second graders are printmaking. For first graders, it’s a “have to” while second graders can choose to make a 2-color print, applying their learning from 1st grade to a larger printing plate. Kindergartners have been working with our teacher intern, Rachel Howell. Some chose to develop skills with patterns and watercolor resist techniques on their Britto-inspired drawings.


A kindergartner draws patterns in hearts with oil pastels.


2-color alligator print

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