Posted by: dbjaquith | January 29, 2015


Observe1Artists observe their environment to get ideas for their artmaking.  The book, Studio Thinking (Hetland, et. al., 2007) includes Observation as one of the eight Studio Habits of Mind that artists regularly employ in their work. During class we talked about observation as a means of noticing, what Hetland calls “alertness.”

I ask students, “What did you observe in art class today?” They respond:  I observed…

…that it’s cold outside so I made a hot chocolate mug.

…how the marble went through the maze.

…a bent piece of cardboard that gave me the idea to build a bench.

…that the paint on my sculpture doesn’t always fill the holes so I repainted some parts.

…that the hot glue did not always do what we wanted.

…a stack of stools that became the top of a building in my drawing.

…that water makes the clay feel smoother.

Developing awareness of one’s environment helps young artists to utilize all available tools in service to art making.


  1. This is good stuff Diane!

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