Posted by: dbjaquith | December 7, 2014

Teaching for Artistic Behaviors

A student recreates a tiny sculpture made from found materials.

A student recreates a tiny sculpture made from found materials.

Our choice-based art program at Franklin School stems from the philosophy of Teaching for Artistic Behavior. This pedagogy is based on the premise that every child is an artist with unique vision, ideas and interests that can be acted upon during art class. Using available materials and tools students create new objects and, in doing so, recreate the world as they experience it. In the artwork to the left, a third-grader has drawn-to-scale a tiny sculpture that he made from discarded art materials foraged off the floor. What was interesting about this experience is that he was sitting during the instructional portion of art class collecting these objects. An idea was emerging that was far more powerful than the lesson! Had I, as teacher, intervened at that point this artwork would never exist. The fact that the artist further challenged himself to draw his tiny sculpture demonstrates artistic inquiry and initiative typical in choice-based learning environments.

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  1. Fantastic! This is a good exercise for any artist! the process that this student took himself through is amazing and exactly what I think teaching to artistic BEHAVIOR and critical thinking is all about. Kudos to you and the student.

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