Posted by: dbjaquith | June 1, 2014

Weaving on the Playground

Children weaving on the "spider" playground structure.

Children weaving on the “spider” playground structure.


This weaving shows a unique X stitched into the center box.

Weaving1_edited-1On Thursday afternoons, we special subject teachers (Art, Music, PE, Library) meet with an entire grade level while those students’ classroom teachers have time for planning/prep and personal professional development. The Thursday Afternoon Program (TAP) has been in place for almost 20 years and is a time that we can work together as a team to provide different learning Weaving4_edited-1experiences for children. This past week, we decided to take the entire 2nd grade outdoors for the afternoon. The entire afternoon! It was a gorgeous almost-summer day, not too hot but warm enough to not need jackets or sweaters. Children played games on the grass, danced and sang on the blacktop and explored the playground structure. I brought out their weaving looms and many chose to weave during part of this time. Several weavings were “born” during TAP, when the completed fiber art is liberated from the cardboard loom holding the warp threads in place. It was a great afternoon for all!Weaving3

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