Posted by: dbjaquith | October 20, 2013

Attachment Test 2013

Attachment DisplayStudents in grades 3-5 have been invited to take an unusual challenge: to create an object that is visually pleasing, by attaching a wide range of materials with no glue or tape or staples.



Alien Walking Invasion

Alien Walking Invasion

Resulting sculptures and design models show strategies including wrapping, twisting, inserting, clipping, tying, notching, clamping and even using pressure to hold materials together.¬† Solutions are on display in the glass cases on Frankin’s second floor.

Ice-Fire Scorpion

Ice-Fire Scorpion

The purpose of the Attachment Test is to encourage young artists and designers to use innovative methods in their work, rather than just relying on the usual adhesives.

Classmates reviewed each others’ work and in doing so, learned that there are many ways to tackle this problem!

Swan Car

Swan Car


  1. really good at encouraging young inventors!

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