Posted by: dbjaquith | October 17, 2012


Students in grades 2-5 are teaching themselves how to fold Origami, the traditional paper folding art of Japan. Two folders, Origami I and Origami II contain diagrams and directions for students to follow. As they master one model, children move on to more challenging styles. The Pelican, Piano, and Pig have been quite popular! Students receive help from each other and teachers to become successful. Learning to read the Origami diagrams is a skill that translates into other activities, such as reading directions to games and building models.


  1. Do you have any handouts that work well for your students that you would share? I have never had such young students work independently

    • I have purchased several simple Origami books for student use. Individual designs are rated by me for ease, copied and placed into accessible folders: Origami 1 (2nd grade), Origami 2 (beginners up to 3rd grade), Origami 3 (4th and older), Geometric Modular Origami (grade 5). We also use StoryGami by Michael LaFosse, a wonderful DVD that leads young children into folding through stories. I introduce this as a whole-class lesson late in the first-grade year. Students can and do work independently, building confidence with practice, and relying on each other for help as needed.

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